Residenze Miramare is one of Italy’s finest seaside real estate developments.


The sale of the properties is managed by Compagnie Immobiliari Associate, a leading real estate broker.

Since 1992 Compagnie Immobiliari Associate has been selecting real estate projects through meticulous studies of markets peculiarities, design choices and respect for the environment, with a special focus on the property’s location.


Compagnie Immobiliari Associate has also chosen the best that Sicily has to offer: properties located directly on the sea, in locations awarded the most prestigious recognitions by the Legambiente environmental organisation.

Also offering the best of the mountains: directly on the ski slopes, inside a wonderful natural park. Sustainability, quality and reliability for a highly ambitious project that will offer the most eco-friendly and exclusive resort in the Alps which will include private residences, hotels and services. 


Directly on the sea or on the ski slopes, Compagnie Immobiliari Associate offers unique and exclusive residences, and it is pleased to provide its clients with superior service as they make this lifestyle choice focused on personal well-being.